Getting Certification Started

Hi, I’m Alan Ewing, Chairman of the CCC’s Certification Working Group.  I, like Mika, work for Nokia and have been with them for almost exactly 13 years, and have been representing the company in various Industry Associations and Consortiums.  My work in the Car Connectivity Consortium promises to be particularly exciting, as it gives me a chance to bring much of the collected experience from my previous work to the MirrorLink Certification efforts.

As summer ramps down, I look back at just how much we have accomplished in preparing for Certification in the CCC.  Some of the key activities over the last several months include the approval of the Certification Program Management Document, or PMD for short.  This document, available to members, is the guideline for how the Certification Program operates and provides instructions on how to certify products.  Another key element for the program has been to identify and authorize third party test labs to perform testing for the membership.  I’m excited to say that we have had an overwhelming response from test labs all over the world to our inquiries.   We have provided training to the candidate labs on the technology and the test tools and hope to be able to start announcing our list of Authorized Test Labs in the near future.  The candidate test labs are from all three major geographical regions which will provide more convenient support for our members’ certification needs.

Another key milestone that has been achieved in the Certification Program planning and development is the deployment of the Conformance Test System (CTS) developed by jambit in Munich.  The CTS allows testing of clients and servers against the Terminal Mode specifications.  It also supports interoperability testing by providing scripts for checking functionality between servers and clients.  The CTS will continue to be developed to support future releases of the Terminal Mode specification.

A key item I have taken from my work in product certification efforts over the years is the need for an unbiased, 3rd party to make decisions regarding granting and maintaining certified status for products.  Almost every product certification program out there has this function covered in some form or fashion.  One of the best ways that I have observed is the creation of a “referee” role using an outside, technically competent person.  The CCC has created such a role known as a Certification Body.  This person is an outside contractor with no direct ties to any of the member companies.  Our Certification Body will be present at member’s meetings so make sure to introduce yourself and say “hello”.

All of the ground work paid off last week with our initial “Test Event” in Munich, Germany.  Vendors of both server and client implementations came together for conformance and interoperability testing.  The event was wildly successful and points to a bright future for MirrorLink and the Terminal Mode technology.  Thanks to all who participated and helped make the test event a great launching point for our Certification Program.

It’s been an exciting summer for the CCC Certification Program planning and preparation.  While there have been many challenges, I’m very excited about the foundation we have prepared for MirrorLink in the CCC.  I’d like to encourage member companies to join us in the Certification Working Group and to help make our Certification Program an example of the best our industry has to offer!

Best Regards,
Alan Ewing – Chairman, Certification Working Group
Car Connectivity Consortium

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