Hi from Mika

Before discussing the topic at hand, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Mika Rytkönen and I work for Nokia.  I’m a middle-aged Finnish male (in Japan “Mika” is a female name), 192 cm tall, and admittedly overweight despite being on a diet for the past ten years. I have absolutely no sense of humor, but I am often found wearing glasses and playing Angry Birds or other mobile games on my Nokia E7. Finally, I am married to a lawyer, a father of three daughters, and a semi-good golfer. Life is good!

I was appointed to be President and Chairman of the Car Connectivity Consortium for 2011. How I ended up in this role is a rather long story, but let me try to give as short an answer as possible. Nokia developed the Terminal Mode specification 1.0 with the CE4A (www.ce4a.org). In 2010 we discussed how to develop Terminal Mode further. We realized that we needed more international adoption, and this could not be realized solely with Nokia and the CE4A. During a meeting on the 8th of September 2010, Nokia and CE4A agreed to establish a new consortium. We also agreed that Nokia will take a leadership role in the effort. Soon after, I started to run, or literally, fly.

Before February 28th, 2011, when the consortium was founded, I participated in several meetings around the world, met many companies and interesting people, and accumulated a lot of air miles. I worked on consortium agenda, discussed nice legal issues like By-laws, IPR policy, anti-trust policy, and more. It was a challenging and by no means trivial task.

One by one other companies decided to share the common goal and finally the Car Connectivity Consortium was established. Many other companies have since joined, including HTC, Sony Corporation, PSA and jambit. Today, we have 19 member companies from three continents representing the whole value chain. We are still open for new applications.

As I said earlier, I am now serving as President and Chairman of the Car Connectivity Consortium. The Board has made several other nominations- Jörg Brakensiek (Nokia) leads the Technical Work Group, Alan Ewing (Nokia) is chairing the Certification Work Group, Alfred Tom (GM) is leading Ecosystem Work Group, Robert Hrabak (GM) is serving as the Secretary of the consortium, and Reinmar Mück (Alpine) is our CFO. All positions are for one year.

Looking back on the last six months, it is amazing how much we have achieved together. Workgroups are operational, Terminal Mode spec 1.0.1 was approved, a roadmap was created, the next Terminal Mode Summit is scheduled for the 29th of September, a financial services company was selected, the collaboration tool is in place, operational guidelines have been approved, and so on.

Looking to the future, it is awesome to think that this year the first Terminal Mode products will enter the market. Soon Terminal Mode will be in hands of consumers. And what they will get? A seamless, effortless, and delightful user experience when using a Smartphone in a car. Fantastic!

This is a lot more than I could imagine when taking off from Münich airport on the evening of the 8th of September, 2010.

Mika Rytkönen 

President, Car Connectivity Consortium

Director, Markets Compatibility Programs

CTO office,  Nokia Corporation


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