The Terminal Mode Prototype Kit is available via the Forum Nokia Terminal Mode Developer Program now for almost 4 months. I am thrilled how many of our partners used it to get early access to Terminal Mode technology. For those readers, who want to know more about the Terminal Mode prototype kit, I encourage you to visit for more information.

Since the launch of the Terminal Mode development program, we received a lot of input from our partners, which we have tried to incorporate into a new 1.1 software release. Therefore, I am very happy to announce today that Release 1.1 of the Terminal Mode Prototype Kit software is out and available for you to use.
Let me explain in the following, what we have changed and how we want to proceed for here.

We have put a couple of enhancements and optimization into this new version of the Terminal Mode server, running on the N97 mini, which we hope you will find helpful:

–          Increased the performance of the VNC server, to provide better user experience, by either increasing the achievable frame rate, or providing the same frame rate and lower CPU load, i.e. leaving more CPU power to the application.

–          Advertise the VNC server as an individual application giving the head-unit direct access to the mobile device’s screen, independent of the launch of any particular application.

–          Added M-search support to the UPnP server to allow for faster service discovery. The UPnP control point does not need to wait for the server’s advertisement in order to discover Terminal Mode services, but instead can directly search for them through multi-cast.

–          Randomized generation of the device UUIDs, allowing multiple Terminal Mode enabled devices, being uniquely distinguishable based on the UUID.

–          Added UPnP eventing support (GENA), allowing the Terminal Mode client to follow any change of the evented variables.

In addition the software update includes fixes to a couple of known bugs.

–          The encoding of the number-of-runs in a given framebuffer line has been corrected to network endianess.

–          Context information is provided at the beginning of a framebuffer update message. This gives the head-unit the opportunity to skip incoming framebuffer content, prior putting it to the framebuffer.

–          Correction of XML schemes

–          Increased stability

The new Terminal Mode server software version 1.1 is available from Forum Nokia’s webpage at

The changes to the Terminal Mode client have been more fundamental. The entire code has been refactored considerably.  The objective was to clearly keep the core Terminal Mode client functionality within a separate library, independent of main application, running the User Interface logic.

The newly implemented QTmClient class gives the main application full access to the Terminal Mode client functionality. The API allows one or more UPnP control point and one or more VNC client connection operating simultaneous. In addition the library supports auto-detection of connection and disconnection of multiple mobile devices. The library will signal the appearance of any new remote server device and any new advertised application.

First documentation of the new library API is available within the provided code base. HTML based documentation can be easily created from the library’s directory using “qdoc3 QTmClient.qdocconf”. The HTML files are then available in ./doc/html. You will find qdoc3 in the qt/bin directory of your Qt SDK installation.

The main application provides example code how to use the new library code. From version 1.1 onwards, we intend to keep the main API of the Terminal Mode client library stable as much as possible, only adding new functionality. This will ensure that any further development will not interfere with any implementation of the main application. Internal APIs may change in the future though.

The entire new Qt Terminal Mode client library software version 1.1 and the example main application are available publically from the Qt GIT repository at Please note that this version will not work with any older version of the Terminal Mode server. Please update the Terminal Mode VNC and UPnP servers to the latest available versions.

We have done a lot testing and tried hard to get the software as stable as possible. Despite all our efforts, there are a couple of known issues though, as listed in the Terminal Mode User Guide. Luckily none of them are critical.

And last but not least, I would like to thank everybody who has helped making this updated release possible, specifically to all the external feedback and contributions we have received. We will continue to improve the software. I am really looking forward to your feedback and comments. Stay tuned.

Jörg Brakensiek

Research Leader, Terminal Mode Chief Architect

Nokia Research Center Palo Alto

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