Making driving even more enjoyable with Terminal Mode

I think it is ever little boy’s dream to feel like a race driver when you own your first bicycle. I remember all of my bikes and I remember all of my cars. But one of the most proud moments was not so much that new bike or that new car, it was the improvements I made myself to make the bicycle faster, look better or feel more ‘grown-up’. Two very distinct improvements I will always remember:

Lookalike gearshift: you take an old car mirror (the old nice ones, made from chrome, not plastic), you remove the mirror itself and then tape the base to your horizontal bar of your bike. Now you can move the base from left to right to act as a gearshift. All my bikes had one of those…

Eco Exhaust: Get 2 ft of plastic PVC electrical pipe . Close one side and mount it horizontally beside your rear wheel. Put sand in it and start cycling. The sand will slowly come out, as if it was your exhaust pipe. Very eco friendly, but bad mileage.

Terminal Mode for me is just like these good memories but then on Turbo Scale. It is combining the best of both worlds. Your favorite personal device with your favorite services in your favourite car. And no fumbling around with headsets or small buttons. No. It gets perfectly displayed on my nice car display and I can listen to my car audio and use my car controls to operate the phone. Best of both worlds.

And then. What’s next. Of course with the Smartphone in the car, a world of opportunities opens for Car Manufacturers and Dealerships to stay connected to their customers, for Developers for make new relevant applications to make driving an even more pleasant experience, for Fleet Owners to stay connected to their Workforce, for Entrepreneurs to offer new car sharing ownership business models, and for Consumers to enjoy it.

Together with many partners from the Automotive Industry, Nokia is actively making the marriage of the Smartphone and the Car a reality and making driving an even more enjoyable experience.

Floris van de Klashorst

Head of Nokia Automotive

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